Synthetic Party the Danish political party led by an AI

The Synthetic Party is a new Danish political party with an artificially intelligent representative and AI-derived policies, according to Motherboard.

The new party is eyeing a seat in parliament as it hopes to stand in the country's general election in November.

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Synthetic Party was founded in May by artist group Computer Lars and non-profit art and technology organization MindFuture Foundation. The public face and “leader” of the Synthetic Party is the AI ​​chatbot Leader Lars, programmed into Danish fringe party politics since the 1970s and intended to represent the values ​​of the 20% of Danes who do not vote in elections. Leader Lars won't be seen anywhere on the ballot, but the people who make up the Synthetic Party are committed to implementing an AI-derived platform.

Leader Lars is an AI chatbot that people can talk to on Discord. You can address Leader Lars by starting your sentences with a “!”. The AI ​​understands English, but answers in Danish. Some of the policies proposed by the Synthetic Party include establishing a universal basic income of 100.000 Danish kroner a month, which is equivalent to $13.700 and is more than double the country's average wage. Another proposed policy change is to create a common Internet by the government, which will be equivalent to other public organizations.

The Synthetic Party's mission is also dedicated to raising awareness of the role of AI in our lives and how governments can hold AI accountable for bias and other societal influences.

The party hopes to add an 18th Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) to the United Nations' SDGs, which are targets related to issues such as poverty, inequality and climate change, to be achieved by all nations by 2030.

The Synthetic Party's proposed SDG is called Life With Artificials and focuses on the relationship between humans and artificial intelligence and how humans can be adapted and trained to work with machines.

So far, the Synthetic Party has only 11 signatures out of the 20.000 that would make it eligible to run in the November election. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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Synthetic Party

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