XSS vulnerability on the SYRIZA official page

Yes XSS on the official page of the ruling party. Following our announcement of the new facility Secleaks offered by SecNews.gr, we received a notice that is worth publishing. The sender of the vulnerability (as you will see in the first picture) is Nyo from the Greek Hacking Scene (GHS) team.

We also have the vulnerability links available to any interested manager who wants to resolve the issue.

See the images that show the vulnerability:


For those who do not know:

Cross-site scripting or XSS refers to the exploitation of various vulnerabilities of computing systems by inserting HTML or Javascript into a site. A malicious user could enter code on a website through an entry text for example, which would not cause the site administrator or visitor to target the site because it would not be filtered by the site properly.



The malicious user could succeed:

Theft of passwords / accounts etc of personal data
Change website settings
Theft of cookies
Fake advertising (via, for example, a link)

Vulnerability refers to the weakness of the system that the site supports to filter and reject any harmful inputs.

SecNews.gr remains at the disposal of any interested party to solve the problem.

Definition of XSS from Wikipedia.

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