Sysinternals for Linux from Microsoft who loves Linux

Microsoft has begun to develop a version of Sysinternals for Linux, with an integrated application already available for developers at GitHub.

Microsoft's turn to the Linux world has grown significantly over the last two years, which was unthinkable at the time of Steve Ballmer, who considered the open-source cancer cell software.Sysinternals

Windows Subsystem for Linux, which allows developers to run Linux distributions through Windows 10, is a living proof that the company wants to bring two different ecosystems together.

The next step for this purpose seems to be a version of Sysinternals for Linux.
So the developers of the company have already begun working to add ProcDump to Linux. Those of the developers who want to try the new venture can download the package directly from GitHub.

ProcDump for Linux redefines the classic ProcDump tool from Windows Sysinternals toolkit. ProcDump provides a convenient way to create core dumps for developers who develop Linux applications.

To run ProcDump on Linux, devs should have the distributions: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, Mageia 6, Fedora 26, or Red Hat Enterprise Linux / CentOS 7 and the gdb 7.6.1 and zlib packages.

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Microsoft reports that it is already testing the porting of the tool on other Linux distributions.


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