System Rescue CD 8.0.7 ISO available for download

CD: Computers are that allow us to do incredible things, but with use there is still a problem.

The problem may be from accidentally deleting files, not saving or not saving a password until the operating system is no longer bootable due to the corruption of system files, or the hard drive (worst case scenario).

System Rescue CD, linux, iguru

For each of these problems, there are specialized tools that can help fix problems on a computer, or help us take care of and be prepared for the unexpected damage if something bad happens.System Rescue CD, linux, iguru

One of them is Cd addressed to system administrators.

SystemRescueCD is a powerful tool for repairing Linux systems and can run as a bootable CD-ROM or from a . A welcome message provides basic instructions for starting a network interface, programs run on a command line (text processors and a web browser) that allows NTFS support to read Windows formatted hard drives.

The system is now based on ArchLinux and was built using archiso and its dependencies. The core and user programs are now on (the 32-bit platform is no longer supported). GUI based on xorg-1.20.3 and xfce-4.12. (package list)

The new version updated the kernel to Long-Term-Supported linux-5.10.79. As mentioned above, it uses a graphical user interface XFCE. The System Rescue CD is licensed under the GNU General License License Version 2.

systemrescue-8.07 amd64 systemrescue-8.04 i686
Release date 2021-12-19 2021-07-24
Download size 757 MiB 722 MiB
Download ISO systemrescue-8.07-amd64.iso systemrescue-8.04-i686.iso
SHA256 checksum systemrescue-8.07-amd64.iso.sha256 systemrescue-8.04-i686.iso.sha256
SHA512 checksum systemrescue-8.07-amd64.iso.sha512 systemrescue-8.04-i686.iso.sha512
Signature systemrescue-8.07-amd64.iso.asc systemrescue-8.04-i686.iso.asc The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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System Rescue CD, linux, iguru

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