New System Rescue CD 4.9.5

: Computers are tools that allow the user to do incredible things, but sometimes things don't go so well and some . The problem may be accidentally deleting files, not remembering a password s up to and including the make the system non-bootable due to the corruption of system files, or the hard disk (worst case scenario).

For each of these problems, there are specialized tools that can help fix the problems on a computer, or help us take care and be prepared in the unexpected of a if something bad happens.System Rescue Cd

One of these is System Rescue Cd addressed to system administrators. SystemRescueCD is a powerful tool for repairing Linux systems and can run as a bootable CD-ROM or USB stick.

A welcome message provides basic instructions for starting the network interface, programs run on a command line (text editors and a ), which allows NTFS support to read Windows formatted hard drives.

It uses a graphical XFCE interface.

The System Rescue CD is based on Gentoo and is distributed under GNU General Public License Version 2.

stable version for (32bit and 64bit)

Release SystemRescueCd-x86-4.9.5
Release date 2017-04-01
Download size 496 MiB
Download link systemrescuecd-x86-4.9.5.iso
Changelog ChangeLog
md5sum 4e76483f3aff8e44d76e26ad2fd027f8
sha1sum c0d295acb2289637dc1c845275775b1e8e48567c
sha256sum ffe944b6c74ca5da16396d4c647eaf5e392cf9a7cae46627a93b43d8ae272aea The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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