System76 computers only with Linux up to and 78.000 dollars

System76 Thelio Series: Looking for a Linux PC? You won't find many options, on the contrary there are too many Windows and MacOS computers. System76, created something really rare. A Linux PC made in the USA.

It was not easy, as System76 reported:

"We are working on it of Thelio for about three years. The philosophy behind Thelio's design? The design should reflect the character and culture of our company, be readily available, easy to use and upgrade, and represent System76's open source.”

To do this, the company had to build a plant in Denver, but it is not all built in Denver. System76

"We use non-US components such as motherboards, memory and disks." From a technical point of view, however, the Thelio computer "is designed and manufactured in the USA with domestic and foreign components".

The new Thelio The Theo series of System76 has three powerhouse systems for power users:

  • Thelio (up to 32GB RAM, 24TB storage discs)
  • Thelio Major (up to 128GB RAM, 46TB storage discs)
  • Thelio Massive (up to 768GB RAM ECC, and 86TB storage discs)

Each device has a wide variety of hardware options. You can choose AMD ή Intel (από Intel Core 5 ή AMD Ryzen 5 μέχρι Intel Xeon Scalable και AMD Ryzen Threadripper). Για τα γραφικά, η προεπιλογή είναι chipset της AMD, αλλά υπάρχουν διαθέσιμες και of NVIDIA.

All systems run on Linux. Of course there is Pop! _OS of System76 (a variant of Ubuntu Linux), but you can also use Ubuntu 18.04

Prices start at 1099,99 dollars. If you want to create a super duper system, you can add two processors to 3.8Ghz Intel Xeon Scalable with 28 kernels, 768GB RAM, 2TB NVMe storage discs for AC and applications, 11TB NVMe storage discs for other applications, 32TB SSD, and four NVIDIA TITAN V GPUs with 12GB VRAM each.
The supercomputer costs only 77.780 dollars.

At a more affordable level a Thelio Massive starts at $2.889 with an Intel Xeon Scalable Bronze processor at 3104 1.7 GHz, 16 GB of RAM, 250 GB of NVMe storage drives and a card AMD RX550 with 2GB RAM.

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