TAG Heuer Connected SmartWatch Rose Gold only 10000 dollars

TAG Heuer in the SmartWatch industry. The Swiss company has already released the Connected series at prices above those of Apple.TAG Heuer

However, if you think 1.500 or 1800 dollars are a lot for a SmartWatch, TAG Heuer thinks the opposite. And to prove it to you, the new TAG Heuer Connected SmartWatch in pink gold costs 9.900 dollars.

We do not know how many devices the company can sell at this price, but even if it has some of them each month for the rest of the year, it could be considered a success.

The Rose Gold TAG Heuer Connect SmartWatch features an Intel chipset, 1GB RAM and a 410 mAh battery, features that do not justify anything.

SmartWatch features a sapphire-coated 1,5 LCD screen, and runs the usual Android Wear running all standard models.

You would buy the smartwatch or you would rather buy a car for the same money. If so, obviously the company is not addressing you…

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