Tails 0.21 browse the internet anonymously

The Tails, is a live system that aims to safeguard your privacy by helping you browse the Internet anonymously. Today, the alternative live live version was upgraded to the release 0.21.


The new version brings a new Linux kernel and updates for many packages.

The main changes to Tails in 0.21 are:

• The Linux kernel was upgraded to 3.10.3-1.
• Iceweasel now displays a warning when the user leaves HTTPS webpages.
• Iceweasel uses a local search engine.
• Git access was only corrected to https: // repositories.
• Added Dasher, a text input tool.

See the complete changelog.

Download the Tails 0.21

Direct download

Latest release

Tails 0.21 ISO image

Cryptographic signature

Tails 0.21 signature

If you're not sure what the cryptographic signature is, please read the part on verifying the ISO image.

Set up and web mirror

If you're running a web server, you're most welcome to help us spread Tails by setting up a web mirror.

BitTorrent download

Latest release

Tails 0.21 torrent

Cryptographic signature

The cryptographic signature of the ISO image is also included in Torrent.

Additionally, you can verify the signature of the Torrent file itself before downloading it.

Seed back!

Seeding back the image once you have downloaded it is also a nice and easy way to help spread Tails.

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