Tails 3.10.1 ISO has just been released from the Tails Project

To Tails Project just released the live OS Tails 3.10.1 final, a live operating system running from every computer without leaving no traces on the machine or on the internet.

Tails 3

This particular operating Tails was used by her former employee NSA Edward Snowden to stay hidden on the internet.

Tails 3.10.1 What's new?

Upgrades and changes

    • Update Tor Browser in the 8.0.3 version.
    • Update to Thunderbird 60.2.1
    • Updated Linux 4.8.

Fixed problems

  • Prevent Tor Browser from leaking the language of the session. (#16029)
  • Prevent Additional Software from asking to persist packages that are already configured as additional software. (#15983)
  • Prevent Tails Installer from crashing when issuing an error message with international characters (non-ASCII). (#15166)
  • Fix the VeraCrypt support for multiple encryption (cascades of ciphers). (#15967)
  • Harden the configuration of sudo to prevent privilege escalation. (#15829)

For more information on the improvements brought by the new version, read the latest changelog.

Download ISO

tails-amd64-3.10.1.iso2018-10-23 19:191.1G
tails-amd64-3.10.1.iso.sig                2018-10-24 03:43833


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