Tails 3.9-RC1 download the trial version

To Tails Project just released the live OS Tails 3.9-RC1, a live operating system running from every computer without leaving no traces on the machine or on the internet.

The 3.9-RC1 version is the first RC of the next major Thails 3.9.Tails 3

This particular operating Tails was used by her former employee NSA Edward Snowden to stay hidden on the internet.

Tails 3.9 RC1 What's New?

  • Integrate the Additional Software Packages feature on the desktop and refresh the “Configure Persistent Volume” interface.
  • Support for unlocking encrypted TrueCrypt and VeraCrypt drives on desktop.
  • Upgrading Brow Browser to 8.0a9, based on Firefox 60 ESR.
  • Upgrade Thunderbird to 60.0b10.
  • Βελτιώσεις για καλύτερη υποστήριξη hardware: αναβαθμίσεις σε μερικά graphics drivers, firmware και αναβάθμιση του πυρήνα σε Linux 4.17.
  • Upgrading tor to
  • Due to safety concerns, the Liferea feed reader will be removed by the end of 2018. Transfer your feeds to Thunderbird.

For more information on the improvements brought by the new version, read the latest changelog.

Download it ISO

Thails 3.9 ~ rc1 ISO image

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