Hacked the Tapatalk service

The known service Tapatalk violated on December 9 or a little earlier and data leaked. A warning email informs users of the service that on December 9, administrators discovered that someone had used an exploit to breach the WordPress Blog and Tapatalk Support Forums. This has resulted in the emails and user passwords of the Support Forum being leaked.Tapatalk

Service administrators changed the forum account password for 16 December, and immediately notified the violation. Here we have some objections as the e-mail with the hack notification was delivered today 24 / 12 / 2014. The alert e-mail does not indicate how many accounts have leaked and whether the passwords were encrypted or stored in plain text.


If you have a service account:

Change your password instantly by choosing a powerful one.

If you used the same code on other websites, change it everywhere.
If you are an administrator or moderator of a forum that uses the service, you will need to reset your Passatalk ID password.
Log in to the Tapatalk Admin Console, update the TAPatalk key API in your forum.

The service also reported that emails will no longer contain links to resetting passwords or any other. So if you receive such suspicious messages that appear to have been shipped from TAPatalk, do not click on the links they contain and report the email to the service as soon as possible.

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