TeamViewer 14 was released for Windows 10

Every year around this time, TeamViewer releases an important update. So this year version 14 has just been released with new features and improvements.

Many users will find TeamViewer 14 faster than ever before as it is optimized for low speed connections. The Remote Desktop program automatically detects slow connections using intelligent adaptive compression, which improves the speed and reliability of these connections. So you no longer need a fast internet connection to start using TeamViewer.

The latest version of TeamViewer also promises improved connection quality with reduced latency. With version 14 you can use script automation routine tasks to save time.

Not much has changed in the user interface. It has a better (lighter) color scheme. There is a slight change in the alignment of the buttons. The latest version also offers a dark feature. If you are in Windows 10 and prefer to use the dark mode for your applications, you will see TeamViewer dark mode apply automatically.

Apart from these features, there are other new features, but they are exclusively for premium and corporate users. Lesser known features like file sharing, remote printing and the ability to map iPhone screen to Windows PC are some of the best features of TeamViewer. As always, TeamViewer is completely free for personal use. See what you can do if you are excluded and use it for personal use only.

Visit this link to download the latest version of TeamViewer 14 for Windows 10 and earlier versions of Windows. Note that TeamViewer offers a single installation file for 32 and 64 bit systems. The size of the installation file is about 22 MB.

Those of you who are already using an earlier version of TeamViewer, go to the Help menu, and then click Check for New Version to upgrade to the latest version.



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