TeamViewer announces integration with Slack

Η TeamViewer, the provider of remote connectivity and workplace digitization solutions, has announced a new integration at Slack, the leading collaboration platform for work. It allows users to initiate TeamViewer remote access and AR support sessions from within the Slack environment.

"Remote work has affected the conditions for collaboration and support," says Mr Alfredo Patron, Executive Vice President Business Development of TeamViewer. slack teamviewer

“Slack has set a new standard in flexible team collaboration over the past few years and is used by large companies as well as communities. TeamViewer's integration of remote access and AR support will give our customers even more interaction options and increase productivity regardless of location or device.”

The Slack already includes a wide variety of tools and capabilities for remote teams and performing their tasks.

Now users can perform a complete integration of it TeamViewer to Slack their environment by downloading the app TeamViewer from its application directory Slack.

With the new integration, users can share session invitations for remote control or AR connections to mobile phone devices directly to direct message or in group channels within the Slack in order to collaborate and support each other more effectively.

The addition of AR connections is especially valuable when physical presence work is required. It allows employees to collaborate on a “See What I See” basis with a shared video stream. In addition to an audio connection, remote experts can "virtually" point and draw their colleagues' field of vision to detail what they need to do, as well as share files or use the chat function.

The integration is based on a websites-first device-readable approach to further improve accessibility and integrated interaction. The remote helper requires no installation and can provide immediate remote access and support based on it AR.

To take advantage of this integration, organizations will need permission Slack and compatible membership TeamViewer.

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