TeamViewer: software hides remote connections

A new targeted attack was detected through TeamViewer, which aimed at stealing financial information from government and economic targets across Europe and beyond.

Check Point researchers announced on Monday that the attacks targeted government and financial officials, as well as representatives of various embassies in Europe, Nepal, Kenya, Liberia, Lebanon, Guyana and Bermuda.TeamViewer

The attack began with a typical phishing e-mail containing a malicious attachment claiming to be a "top secret" document from the United States.

The subject line stated "Military Financing Program" and the .XLSM document bore the US State Department logo.

So if someone opened the document and activated the macros, two files came out - a regular AutoHotkeyU32.exe program and a malicious TeamViewer DLL.

AutoHotkeyU32 was used to send a POST request to the intruder's command and control (C&C) server, but also to download more malicious scripts capable of capturing screenshots of the target computer, stealing information, and then sending it to the attacker. .

TeamViewer is often used by businesses for remote PC access. However, due to its capabilities, the software is also used by scammers to gain access to remote systems.

The malicious variant with TeamViewer DLL provided attackers with modified functionality, and hid any connection to TeamViewer. So the victims did not know that someone was connected to their computer.

The main targets of this attack as mentioned above were public financial sector players and according to the researchers the would-be hacker was a Russian.


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