Artificial Intelligence the biggest theft in human history

“Tech CEOs want us to believe that AI will benefit humanity,” argues a column in the Guardian, adding “They are joking…"


“There is a world in which artificial intelligence, as a powerful predictive research tool and a tireless task performer, could actually work for the benefit of humanity. But for this to happen, these technologies will have to be developed within a very different economic and social order from our own, one that aims to meet human needs and protect the planetary systems that support all life…”

Artificial Intelligence without utopian illusions is much more likely to become a terrifying tool of further dispossession and plunder…

Let's make a hypothesis:

All these recent stories about artificial intelligence may turn out to be the biggest and most consequential theft in human history. What we are seeing is that the richest companies in history (Microsoft, Apple, Google, Meta, Amazon...) are unilaterally capturing all human knowledge that exists in digital form and encapsulating it in proprietary products, many of which will directly target their people whose lives trained the machines without any permission or consent.

This should not be legal.

In the case of copyrighted material, various lawsuits are filed indicating that an act is clearly illegal…

In the case of Silicon Valley, they usually call theft "disruption" from disruption and very often manage to escape the Law.

We are aware of this practice: step into illegal territory, claim that the old regulations don't apply to your new technology. Announce that the old regulations only help China while you continue to collect the data steadily.

When we get past the novelty of these new games and begin to take stock of the social, political, and economic debris, the technology will already be ubiquitous. So much so that the courts and policy makers will throw their hands up.

These companies know that they are stealing, or at least that they may be in serious legal trouble but they go ahead and hope that the old practice will work once again. They believe that the scale of the theft is already so great and unfolding at such speed that the courts and policy makers will once again throw up their hands in the face of a supposed inevitability of all…

We trained the machines. All of us.

But we never gave our consent. Bots were raised with humanity's collective ingenuity, inspiration and revelations. These models are machines that set boundaries for the appropriation of knowledge. They devour and privatize our individual lives as well as our collective intellectual and artistic legacies.

Their goal was never to solve climate change or make our governments more accountable or our daily lives more relaxed. It has always been the profit from mass impoverishment, which, under capitalism, is the glaring and logical consequence of replacing human functions with bots. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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Written by giorgos

George still wonders what he's doing here ...

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  1. If a leaflet like the Guardian arrives calling artificial intelligence the theft of human intelligence, imagine what our eyes will see. We live in interesting times indeed.

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