Artificial intelligence: What cartoon characters would look like in real life

What would famous cartoon characters from real-life movies and TV shows look like? A digital artist using artificial intelligence has created a fascinating series of "photographs" that provide the answers to this question.

moe real

Hidreley Leli Diao is a Brazilian artist "who loves everything related to digital art". Having discovered that artificial intelligence software can create photorealistic portraits of people who do not really exist, Diao began experimenting with technology in creative ways.

See some of his creations below. You can see more from his Instagram page here.

photoreal 1

photoreal 2

photoreal 3

Cartoon characters are the latest additions to Dião's technique. He has also applied it to paintings, busts and the like, making historical figures such as Cleopatra, Johann Sebastian Bach, Jesus (version of the Shroud of Turin), the Statue of Liberty in America, etc.

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