Peak Technologies in Educational Practice

Peak Technologies in Educational Practice

The S. Augoula-Linardatou School  in the context of innovative actions and innovative processes they adopt, supporting it an attempt to transform the Greek society into a knowledge society, invite members of the educational community to participate in its work 4th Two-day event titled  "Peak Technologies in Educational Practice"

carried out under his auspices Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, Culture and Sports  and will take place on 2 & 3 March 2013  on the premises of Elenirio Venizelou 112-114 School, in Peristeri.


The objectives of the two-day workshop can be summarized as follows:

Step into remarkable teachers and trainers whether from the public or the private sector, in order to present part of their work and to submit their proposals with the intended result the improvement of the educational work provided.

Allow visitors to attend the workshop to be informed about the possibilities offered by them Information & Communication Technologies, yes exchange ideas and exploitation practices modern educational tools and yes creatively incorporate new technologies into their daily routines.

The premises and the material and technical infrastructure of the Schools are made available to the interested parties for a whole two days, during which…

They will come true…

<br>•             85 presentations and workshops in interactive tables

<br>•             7 central speeches

With the participation…

<br>•             50 teachers from public and private schools

<br>•             45 institutions and schools

<br>•             20 students

<br>•             20 of IT companies

<br>•             7 invited speakers


Registration required

• Through the registration form that you will find by following the link à

• By phone at 211.500.2300, if you know the program and the presentations you wish to attend

• At the school secretariat during the two days


Further information can be found through the files posted on the school's website

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