TEDx University of Crete Saturday 6 April 2019

After the success of the first TEDx University of Crete, the student organization is returning dynamically!

TEDx University of Crete is a conference co-organized by students from the University of Crete and the Region of Crete, addressed to both the student community and the wider public. Our goal is through interesting speeches to launch a debate about ideas that are worthy of spreading. Ideas that inspire, inspire and motivate us to go even further.TEDx University of Crete

By combining a large number of different aspects of everyday life with the theme of "Favors", TEDx University of Crete will present speeches by important people, some of whom are Odet Varon-Bassar (historian), Stathis Livathinos (Artistic Director National Theater), Giorgos Tsiakalakis (Head of Communication at "Positive Voice"), Vasilios Zoulias (fashion designer), Angeliki Asimaki (Researcher of Cardiac Medicine at St. George's University of London) and others.

Favor is acceptance, sympathy and faith in man, the selfless intention for interpersonal adornment, basic conditions for social development. It is the way of thinking and at the same time an attitude towards people and things. It means to desire their existence, life and evolution. It is solidarity, love, kindness, faith in man, selflessness, kindness and encouragement, that should govern relationships between individuals. That is, all that is missing from today's society and could make a difference.

Participants will have the opportunity to discover the different aspects of favor through 12 speeches, reflect, inspire, but above all to determine what a favor means for them. Additionally, the event is framed by 4 different workshops, fixed activities and 3 musical performances that have been specially prepared for this.

The event will take place on Saturday 6 April, at the Amphitheater "N. Petridis "at the Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics of the University of Crete.

For more information on the website www.tedxuniversityofcrete.com

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