Telegram revealed admin names, phone numbers and IP addresses

Telegram has revealed admin names, phone numbers and IP addresses of users from channels accused of copyright infringement, according to a court order in India.

The company was forced to share the data after a teacher filed a lawsuit alleging unauthorized distribution of course materials on the platform. Neetu Singh, the plaintiff teacher, said some Telegram channels were reselling the material without a license at deeply discounted prices.telegram

Telegram unsuccessfully argued that disclosing user information would violate the privacy policy and laws of Singapore, where it has its servers to store the data. In response, the Indian court said that the real wrongdoers are copyright owners who could not do anything because Telegram chose to use servers outside the country.

So last week, Judge Prathiba Singh admitted that Telegram had complied and shared the data they requested.
But a Telegram spokesperson declined to state the same.

“Telegram stores very limited or no data from its users. In most cases, we can't even access user data without specific entry points, and we believe that was the case here as well. Therefore, we cannot confirm that personal data has been shared in this case.” Reported Telegram spokesperson Remi Vaughn told TechCrunch. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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