Telegram: Deleted messages are not deleted forever…

Users of the macOS Telegram messaging app are alerted to potential privacy issues that could expose files they share with other users.

According to του Reegun Richard Jayapaul, που είναι lead threat architect στη Trustwave SpiderLabs, η δυνατότητα διαγραφής στην εφαρμογή που εστιάζει στην προστασία του απορρήτου μπορεί να παρακαμφθεί και να κρατήσει μόνιμα τα αρχεία.



The first issue was that all multimedia files sent via Telegram were stored in a cache, even after a message self-destructed.

This means that a hacker could still access these files, (audio, , shared locations or documents), according to Jayapaul. It's also the second time this year that a researcher found that files were not effectively deleted when deleting conversations on the Telegram app.

A second issue that Telegram also did not fix by deleting the messages is that it allows the hacker to bypass the device, simply stealing a file from the cache folder without the recipient ever opening it.

This could, of course, be done by taking snapshots or recordings, although the cached entry indicates to the sender that the recipient has not read the message, leaving them completely unaware.

"With the help of researchers, we continue to improve the functionality and security of features like this," he said Telegram. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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Written by Anastasis Vasileiadis

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