Telegram feature SIM-free accounts

Telegram app is reputed to have much more features than WhatsApp like multiple account support, channels and more. Now, the company has announced an update for users who are even more concerned about privacy.

The company announced on her blog that the latest app update will allow you to sign up for a SIM-free Telegram account, but you'll need to purchase an anonymous phone number on the Fragment platform.

It is worth noting that these anonymous numbers can only be used in conjunction with the Telegram app. However, it's a very nice feature if you don't want to link your existing Telegram number for any reason (eg privacy).

This isn't the only Telegram addition coming as part of the new update. You'll also find the auto-delete feature for all new chats, improved topic functionality in groups, an "aggressive anti-spam" mode for groups, and the ability to create a temporary QR code so users can add you without a username or a phone number.

The new Telegram update also brings various tweaks to emojis, such as emoji search on iOS, more custom emojis for Premium users, and more interactive emojis.

Finally, the company confirmed that the storage usage page in the Android app has been redesigned to match the iOS one. This means you can see storage usage across a chat as well as delete entire media types from a chat (eg delete all videos in a chat). The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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