Telegram allows the import of conversations from WhatsApp

Η its development messenger κυκλοφόρησε χθες μια of the application for Android and iOS that offers an option to import chats from messengers WhatsApp, Line and KakaoTalk.

As mentioned, more than 100 million young people joined Telegram in January 2021 according to a company announcement. Telegram didn't reveal where they came from, but it's very likely that WhatsApp/Facebook's privacy changes played a big part in it.

Η νέα επιλογή εισαγωγής υποστηρίζει μεμονωμένες και ομαδικές συζητήσεις και συμπεριλαμβάνει έγγραφα και βίντεο. Οι δεν αναφέρονται ρητά, κάτι που είναι περίεργο καθώς οι συνομιλίες της εφαρμογής WhatsApp θα πρέπει να περιλαμβάνουν.

Η νέα λειτουργία φαίνεται να δουλεύει μια χαρά, αλλά απαιτείται πολύς χρόνος για την εισαγωγή του περιεχομένου. Η of content to Google Drive was much faster.

The process is simple:

Open one on WhatsApp, it doesn't matter if it's a group or individual chat.
Select Menu - More - Export chat.
Choose whether you want media to be included or not.
Then the Share menu will open. Select Telegram from the list of available options.
Select a group in Telegram to save the chat and supported attachments.
It will take some time for the information to be entered.

Telegram notes that users can save space on the device after completing the introduction by freeing up space on it. This is done in Settings - Data and Storage - Storage Usage.

From there you can delete your data as it is already stored on the service servers. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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