No more Microsoft accessories

Microsoft is ceasing the manufacture and sale of Microsoft mice, keyboards and cameras in favor of Surface accessories.

Microsoft, keyboard, Surface, mouse

Microsoft will no longer manufacture Microsoft-branded mice, keyboards, and webcams. Instead, it is now focusing on its Surface-branded computer accessories, which will include more than just mice and keyboards.

The company first released its first mouse in 1983 and bundled it with Microsoft Word and Notepad. Her keyboard with the additional Windows button which first appeared in 1994, was a brilliant move that took off Windows 95.

Microsoft, keyboard, Surface, mouse

The difference between the Surface and Microsoft brands is that today's Surface-branded keyboards and mice sell for much more expensive (more than double) prices than the cheap Microsoft-branded accessories.

For example, Microsoft offers a regular Surface-branded wireless keyboard, at a retail price of 125 euros, which is more than double that of its regular wireless keyboard Microsoft at 30,00 euros. Microsoft has not commented on its plans. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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Microsoft, keyboard, Surface, mouse

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