10 YouTube Search Tips to Know

YouTube is no doubt one of the most popular video streaming websites with millions of visitors. If you are a YouTube fan, you might also want to learn some tips on how to do a specialized search on the popular streaming video site.


So let's look at ten ways to find it YouTube:

1. Find a specific channel on YouTube

Sometimes you might want to find a specific channel on YouTube, but your search term might give you a diverse array of results, consisting of videos and channels. So if you want to limit your search to channels only put a comma and the word “” inside the search field. For example, search with the words iguru.gr, channel
The above question will return you all the channels that have the word "iguru.gr" in them.

2. Find a movie on YouTube

In addition to simple videos, YouTube also has a number of feature films that you can watch on your devices. While a common search query gives you a huge range of results and does not focus on movies, using the following trick you can instantly find what you are looking for. Add a party and the word "movie" to your search. For example, write x-men, movie
You will see that only movies will be returned to you. You can click on one of them and start enjoying your movie.

3. Find HD video on YouTube

If you want to retrieve only HD, 2K or 4K videos, you can use one of the following search queries:
To retrieve high definition videos: animation, hd
To retrieve 2K: animation, 2k quality videos
To retrieve 4K: animation, 4k quality videos

4. Find 3D videos on YouTube

3D videos are not very popular yet, but there are still plenty of them. If you want to see some, use the following search query: airplane, 3d

5. Find a rep lists on YouTube

Αν θέλετε να βρείτε μια λίστα ανα που περιέχει μια σειρά από βίντεο πληκτρολογήστε το ακόλουθο ερώτημα αναζήτησης στο YouTube, και θα δείξει μόνο αποτελέσματα playlist: περπινιάδης, playlist
You can click on any of the available playlists and start listening to your favorite singer.

6. Find Small and Big Videos

If you want to limit search results to short video only, format your query as follows: animation, short
You will only retrieve videos that are shorter than four minutes.
Respectively, if you want to see only long-time videos, the following question is what you are asking: animation, long
You will only retrieve videos that are longer than twenty minutes.

7. Specific searches

If you want to search for something specific on YouTube, you can use double quotes (""): For example "Robocop"
This forces her to give you anything containing the word Robocop in its entirety, throwing out all similar results

8. Include one word in the search

If you would like to add a word- in your query, you can do it with the “+” (plus) symbol like this: Moto G +2015
So you say on YouTube to show you only the videos that contain the word Moto or the word G or both but all of them must also contain the word "2015".

9. Exclude a word from the search

If you are looking for something and do not want a term to appear in the results, you can remove it using the "-" (minus) as follows: Moto G -2015
This question will be omitted from the results that it contains “2015”

10. Combining different queries

You can mix all the above terms to get very sophisticated results.
For example, if you want to find a short video animation that is in 3D, you can use the following mixed search query: animation, short, 3d.
It will bring you all short video animations and 3D.

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