Tesla works on humanoid robots

Elon Musk, the man behind Tesla, announced yesterday that he was working on a humanoid robot and that such a prototype robot was expected to arrive "sometime next year."

tesla bot

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said his company is working on a humanoid robot and that he will build a prototype "sometime next year". The humanoid robot will incorporate Tesla's experience into automated machines, as well as some of the hardware and software on the company's Autopilot.

According to Musk, he will be 1,5 meters tall, weigh 125 kilograms, walk at a speed of 8 km / h and will have a face screen. The code name for the bot within the company is "Optimus".

tesla bot 1

These robots will be designed to handle "tasks that are unsafe, repetitive or boring", writes the company website, at least in the beginning.

Musk unveiled his plans for the robot at the end of his company's "AI Day" event, where he presented some of the achievements of artificial intelligence and supercomputer technologies, which he is working on one day to power autonomous cars.

Tesla's history is full of fantastic ideas that never appeared on the market, such as a Supercharger solar network, battery exchange ή snake type robotic chargers, so it is feared whether a functional Tesla Bot will ever see the light of day.

But the company is where it is today, because of Musk's absolute will. Asked about the short-term finances of the company's entry into the robotics industry, Musk replied that "we should see it".

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