Tesla view online theft of the car by hackers

The thieves as you will see below seem to steal the key signal to open the doors and start the car, a Tesla Model S.

The English car owner just sat and watched the thieves take a Tesla Model S from his house, picking up the sign of his key that had it next to him.Tesla Model S
Antony Kennedy from Essex, bought the used car for £ 45.000 (about 58.000 dollars), according with Business Insider. It was only nine months away from the parking lot of his home, with two security cameras to watch. But he did not seem to be able to keep the thieves away.

Kennedy contacted Tesla immediately but the company said there was nothing it could do. "The car is offline. I think they have removed the SIM, or blocked it ".

He called the police two hours later, at 4 on Sunday morning, and gave them the security camera, without any particular results.

Passionate advising other car owners Tesla, suggested keeping the key in a Faraday case that blocks the signals. It also states that the PIN function must be enabled, as it requires a password to start the car.

I think Tesla could do even more to have the thief rather than the consumer.

A Tesla spokesman told Business Insider: "We've released several upgrades to protect our customers from theft, and last year we introduced an update that allows all of our customers to turn off passive access completely."

"I have to admit it's my fault," Kennedy added. "I chose convenience over safety, and now I'm sorry. But in the end, it should be the thief who has the problem and not the victims. "

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