Try the new Microsoft application with the Cache name

Microsoft is working on a new cross-platform application called "Cache" ή, or OneClip as it used to be called. You can now try its beta version.


Η cache (cache) is a cloud-based smart shell manager that lets you manage and organize that you copy from the Internet by synchronizing it to all your devices. You can basically sync your notes across devices. Microsoft enables everyone to run a pre-release of the application.

The app aims to improve your productivity. It allows you to have lists of your content organized by date or by your own criteria. Its hitherto known functions are as follows:
1. Prepare your reading list
2. Organize the projects of your school
3. Manage your shopping list
4. Keep draft notes
5. Keep everything you copy

If you want to try the application you should visit the website "Windows Blog Italia", Which is responsible for its unofficial release. There, you will find the installer for the Cache application.

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