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Microsoft is working to build a new browser based on Chromium, after the failure of the EdgeHTML experiment, and invites its friends to "build" it together. 


The company has already begun requests for testers of its beta releases new browser based on Chromium technology, and as things show, the first beta version will be at the beginning of 2019.

By filling in your details in the Microsoft application, the company will not provide you with any download links, but will simply add your name to the list of beta testers who will receive the first build preview of the new Microsoft Edge when it launches. the following year.

Microsoft wants to take its development stage seriously new browser, so he hopes that beta testers will be able to significantly improve the application before proceeding to the final version of the program.

Microsoft says that by switching to Chromium, the company can "make the web a better place for everyone" by contributing to Chromium technology and investing in open source software.

If you want to subscribe to the Chromium Edge beta test program, Click here to enter your details. We will let you know when the first build preview for beta users will be available for download.



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