TextBlade folding magnetic pocket keyboard

TextBlade: A typewriter "blade" was developed by the American company WayTools.

The-TextBlade --- Eight-Key-QWERTY-Keyboard-4

The ergonomic, folding magnetic pocket keypad TextBlade is equipped with eight "ultra-smart" keys, capable of covering all alphabet characters.

According to the Californian inventor, the ultra-thin mini keyboard - which is only 1/3 the size and weight of an iPhone - works with the help of special software that allows it to recognize the point that the user presses with the fingers of each times, while at the same time giving it the comfort of a normal keyboard. Comes with a stand for mounting a mobile phone or tablet, but also a charger level.

TextBlade communicates with iOS, Android, and Windows via Bluetooth. The aim of its creators was to develop a small but easy-to-use keyboard that mimics the physical movement and position of the fingers when typing and to follow smartphone owners

«With smartphones having become the dominant devices we are constantly using, this powerful keyboard comes to revolutionize what these devices can do"Said WayTools.

For the time being, the companion application offers TextBlade users the choice between English, French, German and Spanish. In the case of Asian languages ​​(Chinese, Korean and Japanese) again, borrows the built-in support functions found in the case of iOS and Android.

Source: tovima.gr

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