Will we see Fortnite in the App Store in May?

It's hard to believe that only seven months have passed since Apple launched it Fortnite for the App Store and Epic Games has started its antitrust trap, but you will not have to wait long before the two sides legally sue in court.

In a legal filing Friday afternoon, Apple revealed that CEO Tim Cook, SVP Craig Federighi and former head of marketing and current App Store manager Phil Schiller plan to testify live and in person in the auditorium, among many other test rooms. .

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney and VP Mark Rein should also be there, as well as Facebook VP, one of Microsoft's Xbox business development VPs, and several executives from both sides. .

Schiller is expected to devote more time to 11 hours of examination, which makes sense. Not only was he in charge of the App Store at the heart of the case, but some of the emails and emails of his subordinates have come under scrutiny, both in this case and in the anti-monopoly hearing last year, which ended with the Parliamentary Committee on Justice concluding that "Apple has a monopoly power over the mobile app store market".

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