What will happen to Google I / O 2022

Google's annual developer conference, Google I / O, will take place this week, starting with an introductory presentation today Wednesday, May 11 at 20:00 Greek time.

google io22

While the conference aims to help developers make the most of Google's tools and platforms, the keynote address is for all of the company's friends as it includes hardware and software announcements for products to be released over the next 12 months.

This year, we could see several hardware announcements during the keynote speech. There are ongoing rumors about the company's first wearable, the Pixel Watch, as well as a mid-range Pixel 6 smartphone device released last year. It is also very likely that we will see wireless headphones being announced, and maybe some other surprises.

Software releases are likely to focus on Google's major operating systems, such as Android 13, the next major release later this year.

Google presenters could also announce new features for other platforms such as Wear OS or Android TV.

The company's ever-increasing range of services (Google Maps or workplace tools like Google Docs) is also likely to get some improvements.

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