What would you do if you were called from your child's phone?

Ransomware infections have turned into "psychological attacks on victims" as criminals increasingly use personal attack tactics to force victims to pay, according to Google-owned Mandiant.

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"We've seen situations where attackers do SIM swaps on the phones of company executives' children and start making phone calls to executives from their children's phone numbers," Reported Charles Carmakal, CTO of Mandiant at the RSA conference in San Francisco on Monday.

“Think of the psychological dilemma the executive faces – seeing a phone call from their child, picking up the phone and hearing someone else's voice…” It's terrifying, and it's the next step in the evolution of ransomware, which has now gone far beyond a simple encryption of the victims' files or the theft of their data.

Criminals have moved away from simply staging an attack on a company, its customers and their data, and are threatening an ever-larger crowd. If you consider extortion and payment, the decision is different if the threat involves your child, says Carmakal. "This is a very scary change."

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