What will Microsoft present on September 22?

Microsoft today announced an event for September 22, with the invitation to mention only the phrase "Come with us to see what happens next" along with the image of a Surface Pro device that emits blue light.

The event is scheduled to be broadcast at 18:00 (Greek Time).

microsoft september 22

The obvious theme of the event from the image could be a new Surface Pro which could be called Pro 8. The Surface Pro 7 may have been upgraded but renamed Pro 7+ and released exclusively for business customers.

A redesigned Surface Pro has been rumored for a long time, but no information has been leaked about it. What we have read is that the design dating back to the Pro 4 released in 2015 will be renewed.

Expectations for the expected change include smaller bezels with larger screens, Intel 11th generation chips and other enhancements such as a Thunderbolt 4 port and more. With Windows 11 coming out on October 5, a new Surface Pro may entice many.

In addition to the Surface Pro, the company can also introduce the Surface Duo 2, a device that has already begun to appear in benchmarks. The Duo 2 is expected to bring significant upgrades, such as a triple camera array and a Snapdragon 888 chipset with 5G support.

In addition to these two products, you can add a new Surface Book model to your list of possible presentations.

However, along with product presentations, Microsoft should take the time to talk about the upcoming release of Windows 11.

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