What if quantum physicists prove that reality is not real?

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Below we will take a trip to the strange world of quantum physics, see some genius thoughts and try to remove our prejudices about what is reality.

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What is true?

Is the chair you are sitting on or the floor you are standing on? We automatically think "yes". If it were not true, we suppose, we would have fallen.

But each of us knows that there are situations that do not seem to be true. And as our technology improves, we know that viewing does not prove anything scientifically.

You have seen Pokemon in the real world through augmented reality.

Quantum bananas

One of the most basic principles of science is that all matter is made up of atoms and molecules. We know this because we can use the microscope to observe atomic structures.

Now think of a banana. You grab it from a tree, peel it and eat it. The banana is there. But what if you take a banana and split each molecule?

You would not have a banana, but a set of molecules that, in theory, could possibly be reused for something other than a banana.

What if we separate all the molecules from each object in the universe and put them in a bag? If we shook the bag and took them out, the molecules would not form their original objects again.

After all, oxygen and hydrogen are useful in their own right as ubiquitous gases. In the right combination they create water.

The view of God

Italian physicist Carlo Rovelli recently published a book entitled "Helgoland: Making Sense of the Quantum Revolution".

In this book, Rovelli argues that all reality is relational. This means that, contrary to what Isaac Newton believed, if every object in the universe suddenly disappeared, it would not leave behind an empty universe.

If you take the stars, the black holes, the planets and whatever else there is, there will be no space or time as we will see below.

This is not necessarily a new theory, but with every technological advancement in our ability to understand the quantum universe, we are forced to rethink our hypotheses and theories.

If we assume that there is no divine vision, no place from which an observer can see the big picture far enough, then we must ask ourselves what this means for the idea of ​​an infinite universe.

Do we need reality to exist?

Not really. Our existence is a measure of reality. But reality, as we think we experience it, can be completely subjective.

We can "break" into cells, atoms and molecules. And these molecules can be reduced to protons, neutrons and electrons which can be further reduced to quarks, leptons and muons and so on and so forth.

The important thing to keep in mind is that we have not discovered the foundation of the quantum sphere. At the moment we are able to see how deep the quantum hole goes as far as we can observe how big the universe is getting.

According to the theories presented in Rovelli's book, all the "things" that make up our universe are held in relation to all other things. So, definitely, your office is there. And the floor is there. But the same goes for everything else that "touches" (is there a better word?) What we will call "quantum neighborhood".

What does it all mean?

If we accept the idea of ​​quantum relativity, it means that we understand the banana ratio. You see, on a quantum level, it is very likely that all the materials that make up our molecules are actually distributed in random patterns.

Theoretically, if we could zoom in on the past of muons and leptons and go deeper and deeper, we could get to a point where all the objects in the universe are indistinguishable from each other because, on a quantum level, everything that exists is just a sea of ​​almost identical subparticle entities.

This version of reality would make the concepts of "space" and "time" indifferent. Time would only exist as a construct with which we would give meaning to our own observations.

Thus, in the quantum "reality" of things, it is possible that today's reality is more than a fleeting, pointless arrangement of molecules. Everything that surrounds our entire universe can only be a brief illusion caused by a quantum vibration.

Of course, none of the above seems to offer an explanation for dark matter, radiation, black holes, time crystals, and other interesting quantum assumptions.

Quantum relativity may be a transient fantasy in the field of theoretical physics. But maybe not.

One day our species may need to calculate the absolute truth about whether we exist in a reality that does not exist.


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