Absolutely personal data

The general electronic file and its analysis as a contemporary dangerous phenomenon

Written by: Dimitris Kakavelakis

With justification for counter-terrorism prevention and protection. For mankind today to be controlled by the CIA - most of all - by CA-GDE-ICA, Integrity Service and all other secret services that deal or fight through the Google Internet - Facebook, Yahoo, Amazon, etc. With Big Data, which means "Generating the Electronic Function of the World".

internet spy


Now everyone - all of us - we are all involved in algorithms, with a dictatorship of data, which they SELL, as a partial and generalized speculative exploitation, as Professor of the University of Strasbourg, an associate member of the Academy of Athens, Nikitas Aliprantis, points out in his important text. To disclose the modern storm of the electronic envelope endangers individual freedoms, including the crucial protection of privacy ... Which, of course, mainly in our country was abolished from the time of the Metaxas dictatorship in connection with their torture dissidents in that regime. For a post-civil war to be a more general file that was finally abolished after 1974's post-conflict. Now, however, the global Internet folder has eliminated all the traditional envelopes, with the official US state through the NSA denying the private sphere and abolishing confidential communication with indiscriminate folders and interceptions. As was the case with the European Union, with the legislation of which all the inhabitants of the Euro-area are monitored (even through "smart" electronic phones), considered as suspects. As "suspicious" are considered for America and all European governments as revealed by 2013 for their follow-up by the US intelligence service (p. 58) in 32 text by Professor N. Aliropandis in his book "Crucial Being of the 20 Century in Societies of today".


I have repeatedly written against all the great secret services to monitor citizens, all levels to control them, to blackmail them, to know - especially for the politicians, the economic, the social, the sports players the whole range of their activities . We, as a country, repeatedly experienced our secret services, especially from the time of the Metaxas dictatorship to the secret service mechanism (under the then fear and fear of Greek citizens) of Maniadakis. Who has since combined the secret services with the obvious and secret torture of Greek citizens who were suspected (but unsuspecting) against the fascist regime of 4 August ... To use methods of torture such as the test of the seat tortured in ice pillars etc. Thus, it can be said that inhuman and nightmarish repression of suspects and innocent civilians - mainly as a prevention against terrorism, we can say that Maniasakis' ice columns and other torture were a kind of similarity to both Guantanamo of America but to me all the centers of the secret services of the major, mainly states that have captured the mountains of envelopes for watching dissidents and for their encroachments in isolated areas or torture centers as it was in the jungle of the Constitution Tarhan EFF - Esat in central Athens. Or as it was after the civil war in the basement of Athens' Security, at Mavrommation Street. Where the Ministry of Culture, which is still housed there, settled on the floors of this renovated mansion.

MINISTRY OF CULTURE IN THE PART OF SECURITY - VASANISM In order that the place of martyrdom - torture with ... culture, can be "exalted", a constant manifestation of the importance of an essential concept and act that must characterize the humanitarian (and not bless the anti-human) culture. But nowadays a profane civilization of rotten savagery is predominantly dominant. Which, with their crimes, serve salvation, police, military and sub-state, both secretly and with torture.


Like the ones revealed a few days ago by Congress about the inhumane torture activities carried out by the terrible US intelligence service of the SIA, revelations that have been cohesive, essentially for the SIA. as well as for all the secret and intelligent services of all the powerful and sovereign states yesterday and today, as well as the secret services of the small states as well as ours as was the older CPS and the present EPPYM. With the difference that all these smaller secret services are co-operating and dependent on the secret services of the great states that all together today are collaborating or opposed to monitoring citizens in their countries and globally.


Today, however, the monitoring of the secret services as the continuing torture is facilitated through the global web of the internet so that no one who is connected with mobile and real estate electronic, digital and satellite means can escape from the Internet control and dependency. An analysis of all this reality of electronic surveillance is given by Professor Nikitas Aliprantis in the third part of his book. With the title of the book: critical bequests of 20 century in the societies of today. In this book - which we will present in our next article - the third chapter is titled: "General Folder: Sociological Analysis of a Dangerous Event" from this important text we also quote selectively as:


5In August 2013 the French newspaper Liberatium described in detail the facts that people's lives are "permanently spied" electronically from "smart" mobile-connected devices. From loyalty cards, social networks, and even public transport cards. In other words, with the new technologies, we all live in supervised freedom with our indirect and almost always non conscious consensus, with an irrefutable presumption. These technological tools transform the slightest movements into "personal data". The recent "prism" scandal has revealed that social networks and web giants have been feeding US espionage intelligently. And the first question is: why INTERNET users agree to this uninterrupted monitoring.


Of course it is possible to refuse to have a mobile phone (I do not have until when it will be possible?) Or be on facebook (I am not again, which means a forced resignation). With the ability to use electronic means - without being supervised - exists but has many limitations. However, the writer Nikitas Aliprantis, who is a professor at the University of Strasbourg, Professor of the Democritus University of Thrace, and a corresponding member of the Academy of Athens, then follows this extremely interesting text analyzing four points of the abolition of the privacy of people on a global scale in the following subtitles:


A) Inseparable folders in a triple sense: a) With the indiscriminate file with a reference to something that is not distinguishable, b) The lack of (necessary) discrimination, that is, the fact that it concerns everyone, c) The most alarming - , which may have many considerations, especially illegal. To be archived based on the indiscriminate file, a data without at least the conscious consent of the person concerned. While the identification of persons is used by the public authorities for security purposes in the second IDA, then everyone is indiscriminately made suspect by Professor Aliprantis. In order to emphasize this, it is extremely dangerous, since it involves an electronic file and people who are not implicated in any illegal activity. However, it is also written that the third notion of an indiscriminate data archiving file can be used for illegal purposes that offend the privacy of individuals, but even speculative exploitation.


Furthermore, the author in the second part of his text develops the theme titled: Generalized profitable data collection of "data" media, which works through the so-called Big Data, which means generalizing the electronic function of the world. With the big question being: Big Data will also eliminate the last privacy barrier? Certainly yes. An answer that makes it even more certain that the European Council revealed to 24 - 25 October 2013 when it decided to postpone the adoption of rules on the protection of the personal data of European citizens. And this, shortly after the US intelligence agency revealed the spyware tracking of European governments. To stress emphatically Professor N. Aliprantis: "This postponement is, as is understandable, a huge gift to the giants of the internet (Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Amazon)." The third part of this important text in N. Aliprantis is titled: "The Electronic Folder and the Dangers of Freedoms." To refer to identity cards, biometric measurements and their forms, biometric passports, etc. which has all been overcome with the modern electronic electronic file of the citizens of Greece, Europe, the world. In order to arrive at the fourth part to analyze the internal resistances of citizens against the violation of n. their lives. All of this, however, facilitates, with the excuse of counter-terrorism protection, the continuation of incarcerations, disappearances and headaches as these are continuing today by modern electronic totalitarianism!

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