The Bastion: Secure connection to devices

The Bastion is a suite of machines used as a single entry point by business teams (such as sysadmins, developers, database administrators, etc.) to securely connect to devices (servers, virtual machines, cloud instances, network equipment), typically using ssh .

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The Bastion provides authentication, authentication, traceability and control mechanisms for the entire connection infrastructure

Quick example of the application



Detailed information on installing the program, you will find here.


  • Debian 10 (Buster), 9 (Stretch)
  • RHEL / CentOS 8.x (8.3.2011, 8.2.2004, 8.1.1911), 7.x (7.9.2009, 7.8.2003, 7.7.1908)
  • Ubuntu LTS 20.04, 18.04, 16.04
  • OpenSUSE Leap 15.3 *, 15.2 *
  • FreeBSD / HardenedBSD 13.0 **
  • OpenBSD 5.4+
  • NetBSD 7+

You can download the program from here.

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