Images from Space 2014: The most beautiful photos

It was an exciting year for Space. In a way they all are, cosmology is what it is - but whatever it is, it is 2014 It was exciting.

We were populated in a comet. We launched into space the ship that is going to go to Mars for the first time. China went to the Moon and India to Mars. All this Space, people are in orbit around the Earth at the International Space Station, and the stars shine on us.

And of course, NASA, ESA, ESO (European Southern Observatory) and thousands of others were there to record them all.

Here are the images from Space that set the last 12 months.

An impressive look at our Milky Way

2014 This image shows an area of ​​our galaxy in the constellation of Scorpio near the center of the galaxy.

Manhattan from Space

This image, taken by one of the 40 (Expedition 40) members at the International Space Station, shows a large part of New York City on 25 August 2014.


Curiosity has been on Mars for over 18 months - and its age is starting to look, as is clear from photography.

Colorful universe

This composite image provided by NASA demonstrates the visible and near-infrared spectrum of light that the Hubble Space Telescope has captured over a nine-year period. Hubble has photographed our universe in its most colorful moments. A new NASA panorama that "looks" deep and far into the universe for the first time includes ultraviolet light, which is normally not visible to the human eye. The photo depicts approximately 10.000 colorful galaxies.


Europe Comet Chaser
Comet 67P / Churyumov-Gerasimenko is depicted from a distance of 285 kilometers. ESA scientists on Monday, September 15 2014, announced the point where it was to attempt the first comet pitching - a landing that was difficult but successful.

ESA lands a vessel in asteroids

The Philae Landing Vehicle is depicted as it is directed toward the 67P / Churyumov-Gerasimenko comet after its successful separation from the Rosetta spacecraft. ESA then landed Philae successfully, making it the first vehicle ever to be cometted.

The surface of a comet

ESA Attempts To Land Probe On Comet
The landing point appears at a resolution of about three meters per pixel.


ESA's German astronaut, Alexander Gerst, pulled this sandblast photo over the Sahara desert from the International Space Station.

Northern lights

The North Face in a photo taken by astronaut Terry Virts at the International Space Station.


This stunning photo was taken in the Atacama Desert in Chile and shows stars over a landscape with cacti.

The Milky Way


Image of the ESA with radiation in the Milky Way.


This video from NASA TV shows the Orbital Sciences' unmanned Antares rocket rocking above the launching platform in Willows Island, just six seconds after its take off.

Or ecstasy

NASA's Orion capsule on a Delta IV rocket launches on the first unmanned test flight from Cape Canaveral.

Italy from Space

Photo by Alexander Gerst from the International Space Station.

The Eye of Jupiter

From NASA, for Halloween.


Infrared image of Titan, Saturn's Moon.

NASA compares the worlds of our solar system

Or we have landed on all of them.

V838 Monocerotis - 2.000 light years away

This photograph, provided by NASA and ESA, shows the most recent Hubble image of the star V838 Monocerotis, about 2.000 light years away, at the edge of the Milky Way.

Comet near Mars


This composite image from the Hubble Space Telescope captures the positions of the Siding Spring and Mars comets in a near-by-comet pass from the Red Planet, which took place on October 19.

Flowers under the "supermoon"

Flowers with a full moon background in Ghent, Belgium. The phenomenon of "supermoon" occurs when the Earth's "neighbor" appears larger and brighter than other moons when the moon's orbit brings it closer to our planet.

A paper plane in space

You have to watch the video to appreciate it, but it's a paper plane. In space.

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