The best 2014 video games

Here are some of the best video games of the year.

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10. The Forest (Windows / PS4)

The game takes place on a forest island where the player is the sole survivor of an air crash and must in all possible ways ensure his survival. Belonging to the category of survival / horror and open sandbox games, Forest, without having specific missions, forces the player to make his own decisions to survive on the island where all kinds of dangers lie.

9.Far Cry 4 (XBOX 360, XBOX one, PS3, PS4, Windows)

Although it has recently been released, Ubisoft's Far Cry 4 has created very good impressions both in graphics and design, as well as in its plot and characters.
Hidden in the Himalayas is Kyrat, a country rich in tradition and violence. The player is taking the lead. Traveling to Kyrat to fulfill his mother's last wish, he finds himself trapped in a civil war to overthrow the status of dictator Pagan Min. The player's choices in the game will also determine the future of Kyrat. This story has been inspired by the ten-year Maoist uprising in Nepal to abolish the Tiananmen monarchy.

8. Alien: Isolation (Windows, PS3, PS4, Xbox360, Xbox one)

2137 is playing 15 years after Alien's events and focuses on Ellen Ripley's daughter, Amanda, who, while investigating the disappearance of her mother, is called to go to Sevastopol Space Station to retrieve the data that she could help identify her mother, not knowing that an Alien is at the station. The player must be constantly alert as Alien: Isolation of Sega is one of the most powerful survival / horror games of the year as he has won the impressions of critics and is an excellent version of the events against his predecessors.

7.Year Walk (iOS, OS X, Windows)

Year Walk is a great choice for adventure / sci-fi horror mystery lovers, but also for those who appreciate the well-designed animation and in-game atmospheric music.
The story evolves into the southern forests of the 19 century where the player lives the strange phenomena of the year walk. In mythology, year walk was a 19 eternal ceremony during which people did not eat during the holidays and locked in dark rooms. At midnight they went through the forests and walked to the village church. Inside the forests, they encountered various strange phenomena that they thought were predictions for next year or how they would die. In the game, you are invited to walk through the forest and solve various holes and puzzles to cope with supernatural creatures and take a look at your future.

6. South Park: The Stick of Truth (Windows / PS3 / Xbox 360)

Based on South Park's animated American animation series, Stick of Truth describes the story of New Kid, who moved to the homonymous city and engages in an epic and fantastic adventure as humans, magicians and elves try to get everyone in control the mighty Stick of Truth. The game very quickly goes out of control, transferring the characters to aliens, Nazi zombies and Gnomes that threaten to destroy the city.
The game got very good reviews for both the comic script and how faithful it is to the beloved cartoon.

5. Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor (Windows / PS3 / PS4 / Xbox 360 / Xbox One)

Shadow of Mordor is played between JRR Tolkien's "Hobbit" and "Lord of the Rings". The Talion family of a Gondor ranger who is the guard of the Mordor Black Gate is slaughtered by the Sauron army. Talion returns to life with new abilities and heads to Mordor for revenge. In this story, Mordor is not yet a barren desert.
The player assumes the role of Talion and with his new powers he turns against each other and becomes stronger as he discovers the origin of the Force Ring and evolves into the most terrible warrior of Mordor in one of 2014's most anticipated games.

4. Watch Dogs (Windows / PS3 / PS4 / Xbox 360 / Xbox One

In a fictional version of Chicago, the story of Aiden Pearce, a hacker who seeks revenge for the death of his beloved niece, unfolds. "Hacking" various electronic systems through his smartphone and fighting with his opponents, Aiden seeks to find the person responsible for the unjust loss of his niece. The game's open world design allows players to roam freely in Chicago, which includes the urban city, the countryside, and the slums. With its release, Watch Dogs has received many positive reviews regarding hacking and the variety of shipments. Within a week of its release, the game sold over 4 million copies.

3. Mario Kart 8

The eighth game in the Mario Kart series, is one of the most successful and profitable games of the year. As in the previous games in the series, the characters from the world of Italian plumbing fight against each other with a go kart trying to stop their opponents or improve their performance in the races using various tools found in the classic boxes. They return features from previous versions such as motorcycles, racing and 12 players from the Mario Kart Wii, as well as gliders, underwater racing, and vehicle adaptation function from the Mario Kart 7.
Mario Kart 8 is the fastest-selling game for the Wii U as of June 30, 2014, with 1,2 million copies sold in the first four days of its release, and 2.820.000 copies in its first month.

2. Dark Souls II

The sequel to the Dark Souls is probably the best game in the series. Dark Souls II with new graphics and even more difficult but exciting gameplay continues the history of previous releases. Being a cursed who can not die, fighting monsters and beasts, you are looking for the remedy that will redeem you. The game gained worldwide recognition and conquered the toughest critics.

1. Outlast (Windows / PS4 / Xbox One)

The award-winning Outlast is what we call the most scary and best game of the year.
Controlling journalist Miles Upshur, after anonymous information he receives about inhuman experiments in psychiatric asylum, decides to uncover and record the truth by exploring asylum. Unarmed and with a unique source of light on his camcorder, he discovers the horrifying truth as it endangers his own life, both because of the patients and the staff, as well as a mysterious creature lurking in the corridors.
Together with an Outlast Whistleblower (DLC), Outlast is a top survival / horror video game that has won a number of prizes for the 2013 version of Windows, as well as the best impressions for other 2014 consoles.

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