End of season for YIFY and YTS, definitive closing!

The popular torrent release group YIFY and the official YTS website are reportedly definitively closed as TorrentFreak sources have reported. Its unexpected downtime signals the end of an era, which began in the late 1900s. More information on the exact conditions will be published in the near future according to TF.YIFY

As people may know, the popular YTS website has stopped working for about ten days.

So today we can say that the end of the website - service has come.

The information from TF indicates that YIFY and their YTS website will not return, meaning that no new official YIFY movie releases will stop appearing on their website, or anywhere else.

According to TF, the sources of the news are reliable, but they were asked not to disclose all the information yet.

The news marks the end of a remarkable time. YIFY first appeared on stage 2010 and since then they have distributed more than 6.000 movies.

The website of the group (YTS.to) has become very popular in recent years. Earlier this year the managers informed the TF that they had almost one million unique visitors a day, creating six million page views.

Why did YIFY succeed?

In an interview with 2013, YIFY gave their popularity to the consistency of their releases.

"I personally believe that many people who follow and download YIFY movies because of the consistency we offer in our releases. From the consistent coverage of the cinematic art, the layout of the information, and finally the size of our files ", said YIFY.

"We think this is important because people want stability and reliability in what they download. With consistency and a reasonable file size, we have gained a place in the community that is seemingly in high demand. ”

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