The fastest home Internet in the world

For the fastest home / small business Internet in the world is spoken by US Internet, which launches 10 GBPS service in Minneapolis USA at 399 dollars per month.


According to the announcement, this is the fastest service Internet which has ever seen the world, making Minneapolis the first city in the world to "see" such speeds in this category, with similar download and upload speeds.

As noted in a Gizmag report, this connection is ten times faster than Google's highly popular gigabit links and similar networks under design in the UK. It also surpasses typical speeds in South Korea, which is believed to have the highest average speed in the world. According to the company, compared to the rest of the US, 10 GBPS is about 200 times faster than the average domestic connection at home.

In the first phase, the service will be available in a limited number of houses in the southwestern part of the city this winter, however, it is planned to expand in the area in the summer of 2015.


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