Just released the first Firefox for iOS

The Mozilla Foundation has just released the final version of the first Firefox browser for the iOS operating system.Firefox

After a development process that lasted nearly six months, Firefox for iOS is here, and you can download it directly from iTunes. (download link at the end of the publication).

Firefox for iOS will work on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Of course, like all Mozilla applications, the new browser looks more closely at the end user's personal data.

The new Firefox for iOS includes a smart search feature that predicts your moves and gives you plenty of suggestions based on your previous searches.

Private browsing could not not exist in the new Firefox for iOS, and promises to keep your identity and personal information away from third-party eyes by automatically deleting browsing history, cookies, and passwords at the touch of a button .

Please note that Private Browsing requires iOS 9 or the newer version.

Among other features, Firefox for iOS will allow you to sync all bookmarks, browsing history, open tabs from other devices.ff 1

You can download Firefox from the link below

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