The Greek Linux operating antiX has reached the 15.1 version

Straight from Thessaloniki the Greek developers of the GNU / Linux operating system antiX announced last weekend two new releases of the distribution, the stable antiX 15.1 and the first Alpha build of the upcoming antiX 16.

debian antix

According to the release notes published in OS website antiX from one of its creators named anticapitalista, it seems that the developers want nothing to do with the next gen systemd init as with any other GNU/Linux operating system that adopts it.

And possibly, the upcoming 16 will have the SysVinit init system, so you will not find system-related packages such as libsystemd0 or udev-systemd.

Looking deeper into the Alpha version of the antX 16 operating system, we can see that it comes with a custom Linux 4.3 kernel. However, because Linux 4.3 has just reached the end of its life, antIX developers will eventually upgrade kernel packages to Linux 4.4 LTS (Long Term Support).

Among other new packages added in antiX 16 Alpha 1, we can notice GCC (GNU Compiler Collection) 5, X.Org 7.7 server , το XTerm εξομοιωτή τερματικού, το eLinks . Also worth mentioning are the irssi IRC client, the rsync remote sync utility, Ceni and DHClient for network connections, the smxi/inxi scripts, as well as the antiX Live remaster and persistence scripts.

antiX 16 Alpha 1 is available for through the sourceforge site, as 64-bit and 32-bit ISO images.

From corresponding sourceforge website you can also download the new stable version of antX 15.1, which includes all the latest security patches and bug fixes that appeared after the 15 version.

Και φυσικά όλες οι εκδόσεις είναι δωρεάν και ανοικτού . The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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