The "Lernaia Hydra" of online piracy and reality

The very nature of the Internet favors not only the birth but also the rise of online piracy. You may have heard about the closure at the beginning of the month of Pirate Bay, the world's largest data piracy site. In particular, the Swedish police raided the site where the servers of the popular site were housed "after years of research and data gathering", as she herself announced (though this is being questioned), even arguing some people who seem to be involved in its operation. online hydraAt the same time, other websites of similar content like EZTV also broke down their operation, making many talking about a comprehensive anti-piracy action, which at last brings impressive results.

Immediate ... cloning

All of this, however, has little to do with reality. That's because the truth is that no capture and no "closure" can prevent - or even limit - the internet piracy. In particular, the "closed" Pirate Bay has already cloned (ie transported) its entire database to another well-known site from where it practically continues its operation unhindered. Another method used by pirates of the Internet is to transfer the server to other countries with different e-crime and copyrights legislation - the Pirate Bay itself was temporarily opened the next day with the Costa Rica flag. And of course, as a last escape, there are always proxy servers. To put it as simple as possible, we are talking about electronic "intermediaries" who interpose between the simple user and the pirated site, directing the first to find what he is looking for, without even getting into the pirated site directly ...

In a nutshell, the very nature of the Internet is such that it favors both birth and the edge of piracy. The data, however, recently published for 2014 from the website and related to the illegally down series of the year, show a general increase in data traffic, despite the various legal measures applied internationally this year (see Britain, Italy) for the fight against it. Champion, of course, and there is the "Game of Thrones" phenomenon, which even had more illegal downloads than legitimate viewers, followed by the most popular "The Walking Dead" and "Big Bang Theory".

Convictions and maneuvers

It is understood, then, that it is one thing to condemn piracy, which in fact deprives its rightful owners of huge sums of copyright, and it is another to realize a reality in which there is (much) room for maneuver. Americans, as pioneers in marketing and advertising, have already begun to take initiatives in this direction, increasingly adopting the transition to legal internet - and at low cost - data traffic. After all, as President Obama himself stated two months ago, "anyone's access to the Internet anywhere can not be restricted or censored."


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