The interior of the Boeing spacecraft

Η Boeing officially unveiled the interior of the next generation CST-100 manned space capsule, which besides NASA can be used by citizens ... when they can travel to space.


boeing1The CST-100 (Crew Space Transportation) space capsule is part of NASA's larger-scale space shuttle program to transfer staff and material to the International Space Station.

As revealed by the photos released, the inside of the CST-100 capsule differs significantly from the inside of previous models that are bored by switches and crew-friendly signs. The new capsule adopts a minimalist style, made from science fiction films, leaving behind the classic "air" style.


According to Boeing, this interior design was chosen as priority was given to the satisfaction of future commercial users of the capsule and less of NASA's professional astronauts.

Passenger seats are made of lightweight, durable plastic, while the pilot's seat looks like it hovers above them. The places are not surrounded by the classic cabinets, valves and metal parts of the past, on the contrary dominated position have large portholes.

The CST-100 is one of the spacecraft developed by private companies on behalf of NASA's CCP (Commercial Crew Program), which was created to fill the gap in the withdrawal of space shuttles to cargo and space missions.


This proposal concerns a vehicle capable of executing up to ten missions before it has to be retired while it can carry up to seven passengers or a similar combination of passengers and cargo to the space station.

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