The $ 1 million in revenue from The Interview exceeded

The Sony Pictures Comedy for North Korea titled The Interview has brought revenues that exceeded one million dollars in its projection in a limited number of rooms 25 in December, as announced today.The Interview

The film, with a budget of $ 44 million, was initially retired as large cinema chains decided to cancel its screening for security reasons. Eventually it was screened at 320 small and medium-sized halls in the US, or at 10% of the rooms where it was planned to be screened initially.

His "gratitude" to the public was announced in a statement by Rory Brewer, the chairman of Sony's distribution division. It is recalled that the company has been attacked by its IT systems, for which the US government has accused North Korea and has warned that there will be retaliation. The film, a frenzy, is about the alleged assassination of North Korean leader Kim Yong Oun.

Source: RES-EAP

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