The new Facebook experiment on 600 recipients

The News Feed is perhaps Facebook's most important feature, and there is no doubt that the company spends a lot on researching algorithms that improve its content. But it turns out that algorithms are not enough - sometimes asking real people direct questions works best.
facebook experiments

In accordance with Backchannel, since the foundation of News Feed, 2006, the Facebook has realized by simply observing reactions in a user's timeline and by counting likes and shares can not safely discover the content they like in the world.

A News Feed Project Manager gave an example by liking donations with donuts. If someone brings Donuts you will definitely eat because they are delicious. But that does not mean you will not eat anything other than Donuts.

So to improve the News Feed, Facebok is already testing a new feature in a random sample of its members from the United States. By using a special version of the social network, it gives the ability to score content. The reviewers are asked to interact with the content as they always did, and then to answer questions about their experience, but also to write a paragraph describing their feelings about what they were living.

This research was launched only in August of 2014, and has already given some interesting ideas, such as this confirmation of Facebook content.

Facebook currently has approximately 600 auditors for the project, but intends to continue adding new members as tests continue. With a continuing trend towards automation, this particular research done with the interaction of real people is a welcome change.

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