New free theme for Windows 10 from Microsoft for cat lovers

Cat lovers take a look at Microsoft's new free theme for Windows 10 that has just been released, and this time the wallpapers included contain photos of the sympathetic foursome.

The theme for Windows 10, called Cat Expressions, is accompanied by a collection of 18 free wallpapers that you can easily change directly from your desktop.

And of course, as it is offered by Microsoft, it is available at no cost and can be downloaded to any Windows 10 computer via the Microsoft Store.

On the other hand, what is important to know is that although the themes usually contain sounds and other customization files, in that particular you will only get those wallpapers.

Additionally, the issue is supported by Windows 10 in S mode. This version of Windows 10 does not allow Win32 software to be installed, but since the topic is published in the Microsoft Store, it can be easily downloaded and the user running this platform.

Once you have installed the theme, you can find it in Settings> Personalization> Themes, and then simply change the desktop wallpaper by right-clicking on the desired desktop.

Make sure you've saved your existing theme so that if you're tired of new wallpapers included in this new theme, you can go back to the previous setting.

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