Thisissand: Relax by building sand designs on your computer

Thisissand: Create designs with colorful digital sand that flows and falls into layers, forming patterns like real sand.


Create an endless range of landscapes and drawings in your browser or mobile device with Thisissand website. Visit their gallery to inspire, get ideas or submit your own creation to a collection of thousands of creations.

The Thisissand is a relaxing website (or if you want an application) that you can use to create patterns of colored sand. Listen to the sound of the flowing sand while using color to build shapes, landscapes and patterns.

The operation of the site is quite simple. Get in and press START to start creation immediately. With the left mouse button, you throw the sand. You can use solid colors or use a generated palette to create color deviations. Select colors by clicking the round button at the top right to open the color selector. Choose a solid color or click the random selection button (it looks like a goal) to create a palette. The question mark (?) In the color picker opens the tips.

By clicking on the menu (the symbol with the three horizontal lines) in the upper left, you open a window where you can turn off audio and auto-streaming, see tips and see the latest and most popular creations. Clicking on the word "FINISH" will upload your creation to the public gallery.

Thisissand uses Flash. You'll need to enable Flash or allow Flash to be used to use the site. In the corresponding applications for  iOS and Android ads (and app purchases for additional features).

Drawing sand plans is an exciting and relaxing activity. But if you have a large screen, filling the screen takes time and can become tedious. Using only part of the screen we liked our app better.

Get in Thisisand from here.



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