ThisIsWin11: Windows 11 configure & remove bloatware

ThisIsWin11 is a free debloater software for Windows 11. It can be used to remove pre-installed applications from your computer and a few others that we will see below.

Just like Windows 10, Windows 11 brings a lot of pre-built applications. Most of them are annoying and do nothing but sit on your disk and in memory.tiw11

So thisIsWin11 started as a software dedicated exclusively to Windows 11. The application evolved and acquired other features for Windows 11, similar to Microsoft PowerToys.

It currently offers five sections:

  • Presenter: A start screen guides you and introduces you to the new Windows 11 operating system. The presenter lets you quickly set up your new operating system.
  • Lucent11: This section allows you to control and optimize the privacy of Windows 11 among others (all changes that can be made can be undone)
  • Kickassbloat will help you remove pre-installed Windows 11 applications
  • Packages to quickly install one application or another
  • PowerClicks lets you automate many Windows 11 tasks with PowerShell and community scripting.

It should be mentioned here that Windows 11 will be released soon for everyone and you should be prepared to remove the bloatware and modify the factory settings to make the most of the operating system.

When the stable version is released, then you will definitely need the above tool, especially if you are a novice user, or you prefer to have fast and easy results.

Download the application

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