Thoron: post-exploitation framework for Linux

The Thoron Framework is a program that aims to exploit vulnerabilities in Linux and exploit the vulnerability that may exist in tcp to gain shell access.

The Thoron Framework is used to create payloads so that the perpetrator can access the victim's machine via tcp.

Why use it Thoron

  • Simple and easy to use UX / UI: The Thoron Framework has a simple and clean UX / UI. It is easy to understand and it will be easier for you to operate it Thoron Framework.
  • Many and different payloads: There are many different payloads at Thoron Framework like payloads for Shell, Python and C.
  • Powerful ThorCat listener: There is a Powerful ThorCat listener at Thoron Framework that supports secure connection SSL with many different useful functions ..

Installing it Thoron

git clone

cd thoron

chmod + x



In order for our application to run, we type the word "anywhere" in our terminalthoron»

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